Road & Street

LiteMagic Street

Developed with the aim to become your long-term partner, the system ready architecture enables you to enjoy the benefits of connected lightng systems today and gets the city ready for the innovatons to come.

It is designed to achieve better light uniformity and maximum spacing between poles for both pedestrian and vehicle road applicatons. With its die-cast aluminum housing and
LiteMagic LED platorm, it is easy to maintain, has a long lifetime and a consistency you can count on. It also offers 2 housing sizes and a range of beam optics to fully cater to different road configurations and conditions.


  • World class, approbated quality components (LEDs / Driver / etc.)
  • Superior performance delivered through different optics for greater flexibility to fit different road applications
  • Control options for standalone or Tele-managed controls
  • High quality cool, neutral & warm white light with high color consistency
  • Up to 50% energy savings. Uses significantly less energy than conventional street lighting solutions.
  • Ease of maintenance. Tool-less opening of gear compartment.
  • Long System lifetime. Modern design, die-cast housing (IP66) with excellent thermal management.
  • ADQCC Certififed LED Street Light